Keynote Speaker:
Mladen Kezunovic
Professor at Texas A&M University
Robust power system operation under stressed conditions: needs and solutions

After 130 years of the development, power systems are still vulnerable to faults and stresses from unplanned/undesirable operating conditions, which in turn creates major disturbances in the continuity and quality of the power supply to the end customers. Extreme disturbances, such as blackouts are still quite frequent and their impact is even greater due to increased number of sensitive and concentrated customers. The disturbances such as voltage sags and harmonics, which may not cause as severe impacts as blackouts are also a major concern since they can occur rather frequently and can also cause substantial financial losses. In summary, we need more robust solutions to detect, classify and mitigate power system disturbances so that a more robust operation is achieved.

To better understand the reasons for the versatility of disturbances and their increased financial and societal detriment , this talk will reflect on unique impacts from renewable resource variability, distributed generation interfacing, uses of power electronic controllers, penetration of electrical vehicle charging, etc. that are felt at large scale only recently. The disturbances will be classified by their causes, locality, temporal properties and needs for detection, classification and mitigation. New concept of hierarchically coordinated protection will be elaborated and further details of the adaptive, corrective and predictive protection concepts recently introduced by the author will be illustrated. In closing, future trends in automated analysis of disturbances will be emphasized.


Dr. Mladen Kezunovic is an endowed Eugene E. Webb Professor at Texas A&M University where he has been employed since 1986. Dr. Kezunovic serves several leading roles at the university: Director, Smart Grid Center; Site Director, NSF Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSerc); Deputy Director, NSF Electrical Vehicles-Transportation and Electricity Convergence (EV-TEC) Center, and Director, Power Systems Control and Protection Lab. He also acts as the Principal Consultant, as well as President and CEO of XpertPowerTM Associates, which has been providing consulting, product development and training services for utility industry for the last 20 years.

He worked for Westinghouse Electric in the U.S.A. as a Systems Engineer on developing the first all-digital substation during 1979-1980 and for Energoinvest Company in Europe as the Technical Lead for substation automation development during 1980-86. He spent nine months as a consultant for EdF’s Research Centre in Clamart, France in 1999/2000 and was a Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong in fall of 2007. He also served as a consultant to over 50 utilities and vendors worldwide. He is currently serving his second term as the Governing Board (GB) member of NIST coordinated Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) representing research organizations and universities, a member of the SGIP Testing and Certification Committee and as the Leader of the SGIP GB Communication, Marketing and Education Working Group.

Dr. Kezunovic was a Principal Investigator on over 100 R&D projects, published more than 450 papers and gave over 100 invited lectures, short courses and seminars around the world. He is an IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Speaker, CIGRE member, and registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He is the recipient of the Inaugural 2011 IEEE Educational Activities Board Standards Education Award “for educating students and engineers about the importance and benefits of interoperability standards”.